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Jimmie Roulette

November 14-17

Driving around Austin, you’ve probably seen the bumper stickers, slyly touting one of Cap City’s longtime fixtures and faves: “Bet On Roulette.” OK, you’re right, you busted me, I’ll come clean: There’s no such bumper sticker, and if Jimmie had one, it’d surely be a helluva more witty than that. After all, this guy is a polished pro who’s distinguished himself in the Austin comedy scene--a small, but mighty community of bright, inventive, refreshing comics, many of whom develop into accomplished comedians, writers and actors here or in the somewhat bigger showbiz arena of Hollywood--with consistently strong performances, impressive showings in the annual “Funniest Person In Austin” contest, and not coincidentally, a burgeoning following of Austinites. But his success and popularity are hardly confined to Austin. He tours all over the country, eliciting the same type of response from comedy club audiences everywhere, and his TV credits include Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.” Come to think of it, with the way things are going for Jimmie, maybe “Bet On Roulette” isn’t such a bad motto after all.


With Jim Hamilton