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Jackie Kashian

March 4-7

There are a whole bunch of reasons we’re huge Jackie Kashian fans, not least that she’s such a good comic that she’s starred in her own half-hour special for Comedy Central, among other impressive achievements and accolades (hell, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune raved “Jackie Kashian’s comedy is that rare, wonderful combination: smart and funny”) and she’s been in the comedy racket long enough to boast an acting credit on “Murphy Brown.” In a weird way, the two points are not unrelated: We don’t know exactly when she did her guest starring stint, but the series went off the air in 1998, so it was surely several years ago, and how that hooks into her being such an excellent, acclaimed comic is that no one gets this good overnight: she’s been working very hard for many, many years--all the way back to the “Murphy Brown” years. Of course, hard and sustained work does not necessarily ensure someone will become a first-rate comic: we’ve seen far too many examples over the years of aspiring funny folks who have a great work ethic, but aren’t, how shall we put this--funny. Jackie has not only toiled quite diligently for quite some time, but she also possesses a true comedy bent, which has yielded a wealth of really bright deftly-crafted material--wonderfully wry takes on an array of refreshing topics. Indeed, as a measure of how creative and prolific a writer she is, within the last three years, she’s also mounted two solo shows (“Salesmen and Thieves” and “How Did I Get So Feminine”) in theaters in New York and L.A. Those too have been accorded great response and reviews, but but she’ll be strictly in the stand-up mode this week at Cap City, and we can hardly wait.

With J.F. Harris